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Cryptocurrency (or crypto) is a digital asset or electronic cash system that is changing the face of the world with an alternative monetary system that is not controlled by a centralised bank.

Crypto is not so different from fiat money (the basis of our current banking system) in so much as it has no intrinsic value. The key difference is that fiat money is controlled by a central system that dictates its value whereas cryptocurrencies are not controlled by a centralised, governing power but managed by groups of peers in a network and its value is determined by the value users gain from them.

Understanding how money is created by a reserve bank puts into perspective the significance of this opportunity and the need to shift from our current fiat banking system to one that is much more sustainable and that has a much greater level of benefit for the broader population.

Traditional banking operates as a debt based system. Every dollar that is created out of nothing is sold or borrowed at a premium with interest added on top. Banks make their money from the interest that they have accumulated from debt with only a very small amount given back to people with savings accumulated.

What if this could be changed? What if we could create a system based on value and where wealth was distributed and financial benefits flowed to where they are needed, as they are needed. Where we do not spend what we do not have but are capable of earning everything that we need to cover what we actually need.

Imagine a system that rewarded those that make this planet a better place for everyone, while those who seek to control, lose control.
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Cryptocurrency mining by
the first digital currency mining
company in the region with operations
both locally and around the globe. All major currencies available.

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Australia  BACK TO TOP The Gallery   At Cover-More, we value our customers’ feedback because it allows us to continuously improve our services and products. Each and every Cover-More review is an opportunity for us to assess what we do well and what we could do better to help our customers when they need us.

From medical cover and rental car claims to flight cancellations and delayed luggage, the Cover-More product reviews below reaffirm the importance of having travel insurance, no matter where you are travelling and what you plan on doing. We have assisted customers in a number of different countries, including America, Thailand, Indonesia, France, Poland, Fiji and Honduras. You can hear more stories from Cover-More policy holders, in their own words, and discover how their travel insurance helped them by clicking here.

Product Review AU is an independent, comprehensive consumer opinion site that has been in operation since early 2003. On this site and in their widget below, you will read real-life experiences and unedited Cover-More reviews written by other Aussie travellers.
Cover-More is rated 3.9 stars by over 1,832 customers on the independent review website Product Review—see the latest ratings and reviews.

Cover-More has been providing travel insurance to Australian travellers, both domestic and international, for 30 years.
If you would like to learn more about our travel insurance plans or speak with a member of our friendly and helpful customer service team, visit our Contact Us page. You can also compare our travel insurance plans to see which plan works best for you and your situation.
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Travel insurance Australia at
Cover-More Travel Insurance
has 24/7 emergency assistance, instant cover,
easy online claims, great reviews and existing medical condition cover.

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Australia  BACK TO TOP The Gallery   NOW FINANCE is an Australian owned and domiciled finance company. Our business is based in Melbourne with satellite offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, servicing customers across all states and territories.

We are focused on delivering the right personal loan and outstanding service to consumers looking for a solution to their personal finance needs.

At NOW FINANCE, we believe in the personal touch. Our approach is to do all we can to help consumers acquire the loan they need.
We are about providing you with a personal level of service. To us you are somebody, and not just a number. From day one you will deal with the same Australian based personal loan advisor during the application process.

We love keeping things simple and hassle free for our customers, whether it is during the application process or throughout the repayment period. From questions about your account to help with wider financial difficulties, we will help reduce your financial stress and look to get you moving forward again.

NOW FINANCE offers flexible loans, which are available to customers whether they are looking for finance for debt consolidation, travel, medical, home improvement or vehicle purchase.

Our personal loans are not just personal by name, they are personal by nature.
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Get your VedaScore band now at
fill in our form to receive your credit
score band and individual interest rate within 60 seconds!

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Medical Sector Lending.

Special Benefits for Medical Sector Borrowers
find out more

Loans For New Migrants & Overseas Borrowers.
Cost-Effective & Professional Solutions For People With Visa & FIRB Considerations
find out more

Home, Landlords & Motor Vehicle Insurance.
90 Days FREE Cover for Naritas Customers
find out more

Business or Tax debt consolidation.
Do you have a number of business debts or a debt to the ATO? We can assist
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Corporate and consumer credit advisers at
credit advisers specialising in mortgages,
leasing, business finance, CHP, SMSF lending and construction loans!

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Australia  BACK TO TOP The Gallery   Our Mission.
Fast Cover embraces this freedom by changing the way something has always been done.
With a million things to organise before you travel, the process of buying your travel insurance should be fast and simple.
Fast Cover set out to achieve this when we launched in 2010 and is what we deliver every day with our excellent service, user-friendly website and simplified Product Disclosure Statement.

Our Policies.
We want you to travel with confidence knowing you are covered by a high quality policy.
This is why all Fast Cover policies are underwritten by the financial strength and integrity of Hollard Insurance, a trusted brand who also underwrite major Australian companies like Woolworths Insurance, Medibank and RSPCA Pet Insurance, and is trusted by over 7 million people worldwide.

Fast Cover travellers can also rest assured knowing they have the support of our 24 hour Emergency Assistance team, anywhere in the world.

If the unexpected should happen whilst you are travelling, expert travel advice and emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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Travel insurance and holiday insurance Australia at
simple travel insurance with 14 day money back guarantee.
Great cover at competitive prices. Get an easy, instant online quote!

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