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Australia  BACK TO TOP The Gallery   Australians have a longtime friend in the pharmacy and prescription business.

Now that friend is rapidly expanding its reach in the online pharmacy and medicine business. Launched in 1998 as the first
online pharmacy in Australia, Pharmacy Online draws from 40 years experience in the prescription drugs and medicine
business. Today, the company has over 300,000 customers in more than 40 countries, and is one of Australias most popular
online pharmacy services. Its pharmacy services are rapidly growing in popularity around the world. Pharmacy Online specialises
in prescription drugs and other medicines that improve the health and well being of the entire family. The pharmacy emphasises privacy and confidentiality in dealing with customers prescription and healthcare needs.

Pharmacy Online is registered with the Pharmacy Council of New South Wales and adheres to the same regulations
as your local community pharmacy.
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Online Discount Shopping 
Healthcare specialists by
the biggest ranges and best prices
on all our supplements, prescription medicines and health
products. Shop for perfumes, beauty, mum and baby and lot more.

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Welcome to ThePharmacy, the best place to get all of your Pharmacy products and advice. We have the best in health, beauty, baby products and much more.

When you shop online or in store at ThePharmacy, we want you to get the best products and services to meet your needs at the best price. This means a combination of exceptional service and product knowledge.

Great Products & Great Service.
Our customers appreciate the service orientated attitude and the unique shopping experience, with ThePharmacy offering the highest quality and very latest in all things pharmacy and more from the latest baby products, medication, prescription medications to mobility aids. We also love giving our customers exclusive offers and most importantly great service.

Unique Products!
We love to support the little guy. Our team of buyers are constantly on the lookout for the best products. Some of the most life changing products come from small businesses with a real passion for making a difference to peoples lives.

Making Life Easy!
At ThePharmacy, we believe your shopping experience should be effortless and enjoyable. To ensure this, we have an excellent team of local customer service representatives (located in our Sydney office) and delivery options from free national shipping all the way to international shipping and delivery within 3-4 hours in Sydney.
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Online Discount Pharmacy Shopping
Australian pharmacy online at
compounded medications, health,
baby and beauty products. Best value and great service every day.

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